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Batman vs Deathstroke (Batfleck) by CalireBlackInk Batman vs Deathstroke (Batfleck) by CalireBlackInk
In honour of the Batman solo film that is due in 2018, because I'm very excited for it and apprently they start shooting in spring 2017. Batman emote 

The most challenging piece I've ever done I think. Because drawing two characters is riskier and this piece required a lot of details and layers. I know Deathstroke is blind on the right side but I wanted him to face Bats, eye to eye so... I based it on the Arkham games and comics for the shapes, on the test footage posted by Affleck himself for the colours. Tried to make it as accurate as possible. 
Must admit I'm really happy with the final result. 

Watercolours, black ink, Promarkers, fine liners and gel pens. 

Feel free to repost WITH credit. 

Ps: has anybody a (better) title suggestion? 

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JS2080 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
Very Cool!!
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :) 
Tails-2-Me Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016
Glad to find someone else excited for the solo movie too =D and I like how you put in as much detail of DCEU!Deathstroke's costume as you could from what we all saw of that video from the set of JL, which I can't wait to see how he's part of it :)
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! Yes I did my best lol, a bit of a challenge, I had to screencap the video a few times Wink/Razz 

I think it's a nice change to have Deathstroke on the big screen as a villain for the solo film, because everyone expected the Joker. And it gives more time to Affleck to think of how he'll plan the classic encounter and link it (maybe) to what we saw in BvS (Robin's suit). So far, except for Suicide Squad, I really like the DCEU and Affleck is now my favorite Batman. And by the way his Batman fights (warehouse scene!), we can expect epic videogame like fights with Deathstroke. I believe in Affleck. He's a good director. 
Tails-2-Me Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016
YW and I bet you did :)

I see Deathstroke as the perfect evil mirror to Batfleck as both are old men that are reaching the end of their lives but are very tough and very smart. Deathstroke is the type of brutal force with brains that will be a big challenge for Batfleck to handle, and yeah, the fight between them will be awesome =D

Yeah, Batfleck is my favourite too. I love how he was pushed to his limits and came to see that his crusade against crime with his morales was pointless, but thanks to Superman's sacrifice to save the human race (who hated Supes so much) Batfleck has gotten hold of the lifeline and is pulling himself back to the man who he once was :)

For the DCEU, yeah, Suicide Squad is my least favourite, though I loved Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller in that movie. My favourite movie from this universe so far is tied between MoS and BvS :)
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Edited Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Exactly. Deathstroke will be a physical challenge and a smart opponent. I too think it's interesting to see Batman and his enemies older and more broken. It also shows how Gotham has evolved, I like say that the city seems to have a soul of its own...

Yes, I agree with you about Batfleck ! BvS is about Batman becoming the hero again because he has become the very thing he used to fight. I love how the film questions his morals etc and how it draws a conflict not only between two of the most emblematic heroes of the DC universe but between two ways of seeing the world and being a hero. Not to mention all the philosophy and political debate brought by Luthor's dialogue and views. I really loved BvS even if to me it has minor flaws. 

Yup. But SS had some good elements. Just as you said, Harley Quinn and Amanda Waller were the best parts, with the Joker scenes too. 

I still don't understand all the bashing this film and the DCEU gets. And I love both Dc and Marvel. 

Ps : if you want, follow me on Twitter, I follow a lot of DC and film related stuff, in addition to posting my art ( 
Tails-2-Me Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016
Gotham is the dark mirror reflection of Metropolis. Gotham is Hell, Metropolis is Heaven, and it's Angel (Superman) perished at Hell's gate's to kill a demon (Doomsday). That's another thing I love about the DCEU, it's got so many visual and symbolic messages :)

That is another point as well :) showing Batman like this shows he's an ordinary human being like the rest of us :)

Indeed it did :) Jared's Joker has potential, given all the shit he's done to Batfleck. Just need more scenes of him :)

I've mostly gone off of Marvel but I utterly love their Netfkix spin offs :)

I don't have Twitter, but I can watch you on here :)
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Spot on. And I think that's why in BvS they placed Metrpolis and Gotham as twin cities, facing each other across the bay... I agree, I love all the layers, symbols and metaphors:) (Smile) 

I too think that in SS, Jared Leto just didn't have enough screentime to show use the full  potential of his Joker. But that time will comeWink/Razz  For now Leger is my favorite but as you said, Leto's Joker is the one who killed Robin / Jason Todd. Also, he quite scares / disturbs me. Don't get me wrong, the previous Jokers were scary too but Leto's seems more disturbed and unpredictable. 

Ah, I still need to catch up on their show. I didn't have the time to start yet :( (Sad) But I heard they were good, especially Daredevil. 

Fine, watch here and stay tuned! :happybounce: 
Tails-2-Me Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2016
Well, they're twin cities in the comics, so it's only more awesome we get that in BvS :)

I am hoping Joker has some role in the Gotham Sirens movie, or in the Batfleck movie. And I get what you mean, while we haven't gotten enough of him, the way how he behaved in the stripper club with Tattoo Man was pretty freaky. Plus, it's hinted he knows Bruce is Batman in the DCEU, that alone is more frightening.

And actually, he didn't kill Jason Todd, Harley actually did it :) seriously, on her criminal record in Suicide Squad, it's revealed she killed him. Most likely part of another loyalty test :)

Daredevil was brilliant and season 2 gave us the best version of Punisher =D Jessica Jones was superb as well. Luke Cage was a little slow at first but it got there. Can't wait for Iron Fist and Defenders :)

Okay =D
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Edited Jan 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sure he'll cameo in the Gotham Sirens movie!   

Oops my bad. I completely forgot that :( (Sad)  I look like an idio t now LOL Wink/Razz  

Yes, I hear Bernthal was amazing as the Punisher. He's getting his own show by the way! 

Ps: I had no idea you draw! For some reason, your stuff doesn't appear on your profile. 
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SALVAGEPRIME8686 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm excited for the solo film too! Nice fan art of this two. Love it, love it! Keep going with the wonderful work. :D :D :D :D
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes. Because Batman. And because Affleck himself is directing and he's a really good director.

Thanks a lot! Love :happybounce: 
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