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So, that's it! INKtober is finished for me! ✒ 

It wasn't easy to keep up, even with only a drawing a week... lack of time. A lot of frustration. I prefer quality over quantity, that's why I sticked to drawing less but taking my time and choosing characters I love. It's not a challenge I can do on a daily basis. However, this allowed me to know my limits better and to go back to black and white ink work, which I love but haven't done in a loooong tiiiime. I'll keep that sketchbook for characters done in black and white. 

Ps: I finished my Dr Strange piece, will post it soon and I have another drawing I did between two INKtober drawings. After that I'll slow down and take a little break because I have tons of work and am exhausted. Don't unfollow! 😕

Thanks all for your support and kind words  Heart  
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October 25, 2016


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