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Water Droplet So, I came back home to France. On the way back me stopped for a night in Meiringen, Switzerland. I visited the Reichenbach Falls! Guess who chose where we (me and my family) would stop ehehe? 

I was a wonderful experience! 

Regardless of the Sherlock aspect, what a beautiful place! 
The sound of the furious water, the height, the cliff, the trees and rocks, beathing pure and cold air... Wild and inspiring nature. Truely impressive! Water Droplet Tree Guns dont kill people; People kill people! Elementary, my dear Watson. 

I understand why Conan Doyle chose this place. Incredible how literature and fictional characters meet with reality. I almost had to remind myslef it's not true, "just a fiction".

I'll create a folder with the photos I'd lake to post here. If you want to share them (on other social media or wherever), please  ask before and give me credit, it's simple! Wink/Razz 

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think of them!

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SorriAri Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016
Haha, I really need to look at ALL the things you post before I comment! That's really interesting, I hope you had a very lovely time there and if I ever travel anywhere close to Europe one day, hopefully I can convince my family to visit there, because they do love nature (and I love me some Sherlock). Gosh, those plaques were awesome! They're pretty convincing to think maybe Sherlock was real, haha. Great drawings and Pop! I really enjoyed them.
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Edited Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, it's really beautiful! And when I visted, it was raining so it added a certain magic to the experience, a cold and darker atmosphere :) (Smile)  They will enjoy even if they are not Sherlock fans! The funicular takes you to mid height of the falls and if you want to reach the top of them where the star is, you have to walk

Thanks! Had a great time, I was very happy! 
SorriAri Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
Awh, that's so awesome! It's raining like in the actual fight, haha. Ahh, that's wonderful to hear, I'd love walking around a magical scenery.

You're very welcome! I'm glad to know you had a good time!
CalireBlackInk Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Exactly XD 

Have a nice day dear! 
SorriAri Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
Haha, thank you!
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